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Winter 2009 / 2010


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Business design / X
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Topics for thesis

Several topics available:

-Photography in next generation interfaces
-Ambient information
-Multi-sensory interfaces
-Branded interactions
-Consumerize medical data
-Hardware sketching
-Automated design process
-Real-time hardware interface
-Pattern languages for interaction design
-Rapid prototyping tools
-Agile design
-Visualization collective intelligence
-Analogisierung von Digitalität

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Topics of interest

Metadesign/Industrialized design
This is not about the company MetaDesign, it is about the design of design.
The central question: How to metadesign? is explored. Currently I'm developing a landscape for design. This landscape is a synchronous-optical representation of the design process, its methods, tools and interdependencies.

Business design
Applying design thinking to business context.

Design of value/value of design
Conceive, prototype and assess the value of new product concepts through user-centered innovation. Work with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers and anthropologists focused on understanding customer needs, prototyping concept solutions and identifying the value generated by concepts. Meet directly with customers in their own environment to observe and gain insights from their work practices. Conceive and build rapid prototypes of innovative solutions. Iteratively modify prototypes to increase Þdelity and functionality, and quickly react to new understanding of customer needs.

Experience design
"The revolution is over. We are faced with the task of building a new approach to design, which yields useful, useable, and desirable products for people. We seek to provide a structure in which new design practitioners can work with confidence, modesty, and wisdom. If design is art with consequences, we have a responsibility to respect our power to delight or confuse, facilitate or impede, corrupt or purify. Together, we commit to our fellows-colleagues, clients, and community of use to deÞne the goals of new design, the roles and responsibilities of new designers, the organizations in which new design can ßourish, and the process through which new design can reach and reward our world".
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Prof. Mike Richter